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Nina Valentine

Nina's passion in health and wellness has led her to become an expert in anti-aging (actual youthing) and supplementation. She has a comprehensive background in running wellness centers, natural healing, and various forms of marketing.

At Natural Spine, Nina will be largely utilizing the Pharmanex products and technology ( Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner ) to offer clients a comprehensive program and systematic approach to feeling and looking their best.

She is originally from Russia, and has lived and traveled extensively across the U.S and Europe. She enjoys hiking, cooking, research, and philosophy.

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Healthy posture is vital for optimal health, neurological function, and energy levels.  Flow whenever possible. You are what you eat has eaten, and been grown in; choose responsibly.  Health is the first wealth; invest wisely.  You vote with your dollars, spend consciously.  Our bodies are intelligently designed, respect yours. Practice Gratitude and Forgiveness. We largely control our biological aging process through lifestyle choices.  Meditate daily. Be open hearted. Love yourself first. Embrace your purpose. True intelligence is how intelligently you choose to live your life.  Inspire the next generation to make vitalistic choices for their mind, body and spirit.  Dream.

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